Community mapping with nihal

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Community Mapping - Nihal

Jan. 16, 2012

  • Biladi - in Zinzal - Grassroots initiative, newsletter, staff, spontaneous initiatives (le't clean, futboll). Follow up on newsletter

  • Aziza - NGO's - good contact to find out about NGO's in the Moqattam

  • Good preschools in Moqattam; used during summer

  • Zinzal - lower Moqattam (fee/non fee program + transportation funding) - offer basic intro to digital expression/include homework help + computer classes with lessons

  • Al Hadaba el Oaulaya - upper part of mountain - open to extra curricular activities

  • Al Hadaba el Soufle - lowest cliff

  • Mona Orashi - Community Center including a women's space for sewing./cooking

  • Do not give intensive Digital Classes

  • Meals includes

  • Trainings have to do with studies

  • Workshops must be beneficial in school; be mindful attending workshops students will not be working or studying

  • Orphanages/Quranic spaces/recitals/Evangelical Churches

  • Suda Grassroots - NGO spreading political awarness

  • Private Enterprise - Noon media agency publishing a newsletter for housewives (comic), marketing agency (PR), trainings on digital expression

  • Safaa - good contact. She is preparing an event to bring all people from Moqattam art world together

  • Ministerial relationships will help getting schools involved

  • The Moqattam FM - Radio Station - youth making a radio station

  • Markas El Shabab - youth club in Zilzal - hesitant

  • Distribute own advertisements

  • Moqattam is a commuter area

  • (...Needed - information on Moqattam teachers and schedule of school (holidays, events, etc