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This document is the agenda for the DECA and ADEF Day held on March 11, 2012 1pm-4.30pm

The notes from the meeting can be found here

  • Aims of the day

- getting to know each other better

- introducing everyone to deca

- exploring deca-adef

  • Getting to know you games -30 mins

- game : write down something no one knows about you, put it in a hat, facilitator reads aloud, people guess who it is, and then find out who it is

- work roles - partners / 3 main points about their role, other person presents

  • What do people know about Deca and questions

- Back into circle and ADEF staff shares 1 thing they know/think about Deca or questions that they have - 10 min

- gives Deca staff idea of what people know

- Will come back to these at the end

  • Deca presentation -15 mins

What is the function of Deca

- digital expression community area --- space not a center

- space for techies, artists etc for work on their projects – co-working space

- building on work of camps - with same spirit - ie creative activities to foster self-expression - with a focus on digital tools - youth

- replicable model

What community does Deca provide for

- in a sense 2 communities

- adef community and community of interest in Mq (techies, artists etc who may not have a space) --- anyone who is interested wherever they are in Cairo

- moqattam community - which are communities --- is diverse - from villas to zebelleen

- building a deca community --- which will take time

- young people - (camps 12-15) - but we will work with broader range

How are Deca and Adef related

- building on what adef does well - as well as a new phase and a learning experience for the whole organisation

- not a separate entity - part of each other --- separate but related :-) - transfer knowledge, attitudes, ideas etc to deca and vice versa

- same principles and ideas

- same staff - and more

- moqattam stakeholders to be added to adef stakeholders board - so added to adef

- replicable

  • Exploring key concepts - 25mins

- key words on flipchart, people go around and write their thoughts/reactions/questions in a word or two

- self-expression

- arab youth

- participation

- digital tools

- open

- group discussion when done

break: 15 min

then icebreaker and do rest of day in expression room

  • Program

- remind them that camp curricula will form basis, and the whole point is digital self-expression, self-expression is the core

- to get their juices following give them a sense of the kind of thing - a few of the ideas that have come up over the past couple of months

- people jot down their ideas individually - their ideas for deca and what role they could play: 5 mins

- then group discussion on same questions: groups of 3 or 4 - 15 mins

- feedback to whole group

  • Challenges - 25mins

- group discussion

- Self-sustainability and funding

- decision-making deca - autonomy from adef

- what systems need to be in place so that adef support the new deca community

- location of deca – both that moqattam is far from ppl who might want to use the space, and is far from some ppl in moqattam

- outreach and building trust

- not many ppl in adef familiar with Moqattam and we are not known in Moqattam --- how do we become a part of the community of Moqattam

- recruitment – want to employ someone who will be not just an employee but the soul of deca who will impact the shape deca takes - can you think of anyone

  • go through the list from the beginning and see if there are any questions -10mins

  • Go round the spaces and name them

materials needed : flip chart paper / markers/ ordinary pens/ ordinary paper/ chairs