Ibrahim Battout meeting

من ويكي أضِف
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This was one of a series of meetings with ADEF board members to discuss Deca and explore ideas of different stakeholders

Feb. 7, 2012

  • Film School or long term workshops. Ibrahim proposed to design a 3 or 9 months program in filmmaking (rather than film directing), meaning it would involve all necessary technical skills to direct* both documentary and fiction films without teaching aesthetical genres. The outcome would be an ADEF badge or certificate, that would both give a sense of professionalism to the trainee and bring visibility and legitimacy to Adef as it becomes more and more famous for providing such program
  • Emergency Training for filmmakers/media journalists on know how to act on front lines. Provide safety equipment for rental by film makers : helmet, gas mask, home made bullet proof jackets

Teaching legal rights on documentation/ access to information. ADEF would create vests with logo in order to identify that those taking video are part of the Press and are not bias, working for both sides

  • Training for Trainers: How to guide learning, how to know how to learn from students, engage them to bring ideas and consider any training/trainer relation as a creative exchange
  • Ibrahim says he is capable of providing contacts for all sorts of short term workshops that could also participate in developing self-sustainable income generation programs, such as
  • Sound Engineering/Designing: Alaa el Kashif

Photography Cinematography Integrate dancing in films subtitling

  • Like Hana, Ibrahim advocates that while open source programs can be used in the lab, if we claim that we can support filmmakers and musicians in their professional production, Deca should be equipped with Final Cut Pro in the editing suite, and Pro Tools in the sound studio, and work with Macs or Hakintosch