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It's time to rethinking our strategy When we started we gathered everybody worked with alternative media who do newspaper or radio we took what they think is missing or what they think they want to develop and the support they need and the skills they need to develop to do their own radio locally,but the idea is in the process we found out the people who do alternative media want to do main stream media but they can't, and they think that FM is unreachable for example from port-said workshop we only have one radio that has it's own proposition which is radio Honna which is a feminist radio targeting men

The idea we have passed through almost three years in the revolution with all these media initiatives like mada, gramaphone ,and mosreen

Gramaphone is the most successful that will be the first FM as their audience are 150,000, but the idea is now we tried a lot of things and we have to focus our work as a lot of things died like RadioTram we have to know the reasons and the real problem and what are the new challenges with the respect to the last 3 years and nowadays what have impact and what not so this is time for brainstorming to define a path forward and to subscribe them to be a real supporter as what we did with Antoun and Lina Attallah the idea is to make a series of brainstorming with people or stakeholders as all of them are different with different things who have experiences from the past three years and interesting in things related to us and come up a concept through a session in which we crunch all these ideas to come up with a way ,a methodology or a stakeholder body ,some of them are very obvious of what we really need if we need e.g. an institution or larger collectives ,rename alternative media as there is no media at all to have an alternative institution is more in the sense of collective or group that share a value system and set of scales and in the process of that collectives of working together to serve the narrative because of that collective to maintain sustainability as it is a difficult issue ,we have seen how mainstream media work against the revolution and dominated by the agenda of the authority and alternative media fellow mainstream media not the opposite so now the proposition is media not alternative media and mainstream media is taking from the citizens and alternative media people coating Bassem Youssef,Ahmed Mousa and lamis elhadidy in blogs and social media ,we see that there is an authority for military system on the media and to issue the licence you have to have their permission When we had our intervention we worked on local web-radios but they all need to be FM as all of us after the revolution we though we own everything and we can do what we want to express ourselves but that changed so we try to make our intervention to have someone who can express our feelings and opinions and people listen to him by going to individual groups that have their own narrative that are acceptable to us to make this intervention, these can be happened by build skill and capacity with them although it is a long time job but it can help us to be sustainable to avoid what happened the last 3 months ago as some channels are PR for army

We need to penetrate the mainstream as we made before with elmasry elyoum ,elshrouk and ontv programs as Reem Maged's and Yousry Fouda's one by sending interviewee as Gehan,Alaa,Khaled etc as we are really back to propaganda machine so we are thinking of having more impact not more spread as we though in the last 2 years ,if you have more people that have the same new narrative, new form , and new methodology to media we will have the same ground as ours or any one that have different narrative than the present one

How and who is the people that have the ability to sustain we have a group of people that have an experience of being in some of the mainstream institution and now are out like Lina Attallah ,Tamer Wageh ,Wael Gamal and people in Mosreen ,Mansour Aziz Elakhbar ,Serat Masr by Nora Younis ,Nawat in Tunisia and El-Jadalia ,but all of them have the same problem of sustainability ,e.g as Serat Masr , they do not think of targeting people student unions as AFTE is doing now by working with active students in a Camp forming Marsad or labor union ,We have been worked with some of them for 4 years by motivating and granting them, and we still investigating what type of people we have to work with and we are trying to see what form of sustainable media could emerge from existing collectives or from new collectives, If we work on what they reach and use their experience to help us what we can do and how to work in next step and find the proposition about how to sustain a narrative , but we really need to revisit labor unions as their structure changed after the revolution they become active dis-empowerment. is it focus on the idea of motivating individual efforts Our aim is to form a proposition, so, our process is to brainstorming based on our methodology and framework , develop a solid concept ,then intervention design finally go up with a comprehensive proposition as doing a Camp and getting feedback from all that.

The idea is we need to  :Who are we supporting and How are we supporting them ? from the prospective of focus ,so what is our focus is it labor union,student unions,independent media, new media organisations or collectives , Do We need support in support in funding,training ,recruiting or in finance,that is needed to support initiatives to go deeper and build sustainable narratives ,as we think we need institutions is the answer,this may be wrong ,but we still thinking what form of institutions or collaborative ,these what we get from our brainstorming meetings ,but we some of it is got not matching ,so we need to bring them together to handle we think of a series of meetings end up with a 3 days retreat with collected ideas streamlined issues ,as a paper to start up this discussion and later on intervention design with intervention after a e come up with another paper

we to know what kind of we need and so bringing those people together and develop conceptual what can be done? and then design intervention support,workshops, curriculum and training The idea is to prepare for gathering all those people in a treatment after getting 4 major issues from all our meeting so we can all discuss that together it will take 6-8 month and we end up with a camp or a training series containing 80-100 persons for a week or 10 days ,the idea of effecting attitude not only skills as individual learn more outside the class session not only in side it .

The group who will develop the concept and help design the intervension this is a group of 18-36 person we won't choose them with open calls ,this spesific group in society that already have skills and attitudes with divers experiences

what is coming out from these meetings is the extreme convention of the importance of collaboration between all of them and ADEF, as ADEF as a group is a trusted facilitator from our 7 years experience ,so it is our role that we have to do and they actually want to meet and collebrate together as most of them know each other and have been trying to make that meeting for 2 years as we all burned out all these 3 years ,so we are doing all these meetings and do proposition for them work on it ,develop it or destroy it whatever it is, but bring them back together with what we had found out and hummer it and come up with a proposition defining who,how and why, and then we work on the where, when later on ... We can make the retreat next 4th- 6 th Jan 2014 and the concept could be finished at the end of Jan