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The idea behind these proposals stems from the realization that in order to implant ADEF in its environment, one strategy could be to start by running workshops/projects at existing NGOs who already have built the trust relation with the local community. This way, we would be introduced via a trusted partner and could expand our programs to bring their youth to participate to activities that these NGOs cannot provide, but would be beneficial to their community, which would continue at Deca’s premises

These are just at the ideas stage and would need to be followed up on Note that these are in addition to obvious workshops adapted from the Camp's curricula

Association for the Protection of the Environment

Adel Monir

  • The creation of a newspaper/newsletter with the youth of the APE, using their recycling paper as a print support

Lina Attalah, who works in publishing at Egypt Independent, and also an ADEF board member, is interested in running workshops making newspapers - content, layout, editorial policies etc

  • Making a film with the girls/young women who work on weaving at the APE. Our focus is on self-expression, therefore getting them to make a film about themselves that the benefiting organisation could also use. There could be the possibility of making two films: one in which

the girls/young women would talk about their work, their environment (which could be used by APE to document one of their projects) and another film which is more focused on self-expression and not tied to the organisation’s work

Alwan wa Awtar

Azza Kamel

  • Community radio with the cell - former campers who were outsourced for the camp from Alwan wa Awtar over the years
  • Maysara: ‘de-mything’ internet and computers workshops

Adapt Egypt

Hani El-Meniawy

  • Hani El-Meniawy has several projects in Menshiyat Nasr. He mentioned in particular that it would be good to have a project that works with the young girls

Rouh Al-Shabab

  • Also would be an excellent place to work with
  • We met with Leila Zaghloul