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It is a project to build an image archive based on the suggested methodology is to go into the code from pandora+client and change one to one from video to image

Suggested steps

The suggested step to modify and hack pandora to pandora_image is:

  • Make pandora and pandora_client act on images instead of videos
  • Make pandora Items, Clips, Media and files and derivatives reflect the logic of images instead the logic of videos
  • Add image spicific functionalities and features

software development management

We are going to use github to manage commits checkouts and changes to use github floow the instructions


  • first go to [1] and create an account
  • edit your profile and add you ssh public key


  • install git

sudo apt-get install git

  • install bzr
sudo apt-get install bzr-git
  • create a directory to put your code and the cd to it
    • for pandora
bzr branch
    • for pandora client
bzr branch


change the code you are working on then

commit locally

  • tell git who you are
bzr whoami "yourname <your@email>"
  • check the differences
bzr diff
  • add changes (in the example all changes
bzr add .
  • commit and comment
bzr commit -m "this is what i did"

commit to github

    • for pandora
bzr dpush,branch=master
    • for pandora client
bzr dpush,branch=master

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