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ملخص intro to stopmotion technique

جلسة Stopmotion
مكان التنفيذ معمل, مغلق
أهداف الجلسة التربوية
أهداف الجلسة
المعدات projector+ HDMI cable+ laptop+ 4 photo camera+ 4 tripods
وسائل إيضاح

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الخطوات التفصيلية للجلسة

first we'll start with an exercise about growing and transforming one movement from one person to the other in a circle max 10 minutes

Then we will discuss the stop motion technique as a technique allowing us to create movement out of still images taken continuously, and in this technique we can move objects or do magical tricks in films etc trying to find concrete examples of scenes or things done in the past that they can recall in their memory or do it concretely by moving any object around us...

Based on the movement exercise, we will explain that we are to build together a collective choreography developed organically, where each person will have one move to do and the person following will come to continue it or take it elsewhere and so on each person sets the number of frames they need for their movement, we explain that the bigger the movement the more the frames, and that the more we do small moves between one image and the other we have a lower movement in the end result, and the bigger the moves are the faster it is in the end result. Each person has to replace the other exactly where he was standing in his exact position, we will be helped for that with X on the floor etc and everyone from the participants need to be involved in the "accord" to make sure the person is in the right place and position. Each person who finished a movement takes the cameraman role and so on we will see the end result on a projector from the camera directly we explain how editing usually works for this and we mention the sound dimension etc... proposing that this technique is a cool technique to use in the final projects The end result will be a choreography made out of many bodies :)

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