Deca staffing

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  • Please note the below consists of a staff outline for when Deca is up and running. In the early stages not all of this staff will be required, and this is indicated throughout. In initial period, director and community area facilitators can manage and develop the program. By the soft launch there would be a program for the first period, then the program can be developed by director and community area facilitator(s), with programme manager employed later


The TOR was sent 6 March

  • director should be embedded in the space, taking part in activities, and part of outreach
  • final decision around activities/workshops (types, scheduling) and decisions eg about rents/use of space - director is the point of call for people wanted to rent/use the space
  • liaising with the board
  • strategic planning
  • Overall responsibility for M&E and reporting
  • problem solving with staff/parents/community members/youth
  • floater
  • overseeing implementation of activities
  • HR: recruitment, staff management, supervision and support
  • financial planning - budgeting
  • financial disbursement - spending
  • liaison with media team
  • time allocated for networking esp at start
  • fundraising - in cooperation with ADEF staff
  • financial accounting - approving financial reports - ADEF staff
  • admin: legal issues/logistics (bills, contracts) - ADEF staff


  • when DECA is fully-functioning this will be a full-time role - but at the start may be covered by ADEF staff or a part-time position
  • welcoming
  • phone calls/inquiries
  • supplies
  • relays communications to & among staff
  • minutes for meetings
  • typing and distribution of schedules
  • admin/communication
  • coordinating maintenance of space eg lighting, plumbing, cleaning
  • photocopies
  • logistics of activities - workshop sign-ups, number of participants, supplies/needs
  • Reservation of rooms - acc to info received re: programme and non-programme uses of space
  • Preparation of rooms - no double booking of rooms, maintenance, equipment required

Community Area Facilitator

The TOR was sent on 14 March

  • There idea is that there will always be a community area facilitator in the community area in DECA - so the role would be 2 posts
  • In the initial phase just 1 might be employed
  • Community area facilitators should ideally be from Moqattam
  • Welcoming
  • Managing the community space
  • M&E
  • Enforce code of conduct/health and safety
  • Facilitation/Mentoring of games, initiatives, spontaneity, creativity
  • Mentoring
  • Management of ideas, questions, comments - maybe via a box
  • Involved in programme development
  • Ongoing management of library
  • Outreach within Moqattam community
  • Library mentorship
  • Library activities
  • Managing and training Mentor Team
  • Mentorship
  • Facilitation
  • Developing ideas coming from young people
  • Developing relationships and supporting young people
  • Liaising with families if need be
  • Available for study/homework assistance

Librarian - Consultant Role

  • Library would be digital and non-digital
  • Develop a System of Area Set-up, Borrowing, Lending, Returning, Library Cards
  • Mentorship programme whereby friends of the space learn library management skills - community-library idea
  • Selection, organization and addition of items in the library

Lab Technician and Trainer

  • full time - perhaps 2 posts or ADEF staff as well as additional trainers for workshops when required
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Development of open source software
  • Classes and courses
  • Someone available outside of structured time for IT support

Program Manager

  • Program to serve both ADEF and Moqattam communities
  • Full time post
  • Structuring a program (workshops, screenings etc) in cooperation with community area facilitator
  • Liaise with Community Area Facilitator on community needs
  • Liaise with director on decisions
  • Liaising with partners
  • Liaising with potential workshop trainers and facilitators
  • M&E
  • Outreach within Moqattam community
  • Identifying training for facilitators and staff - Deca staff, ADEF community, or outsourced


  • ADEF media team in cooperation with Deca director
  • online presence - website and social media
  • media outreach
  • marketing/sponsoring
  • promotion of programme

Refreshments & Maintenance

  • role to be fulfilled by a team
  • Kushk - will also have technical supplies available
  • Meals/food/drinks for workshops
  • Cleaning
  • Lighting/plumbing
  • Tidying
  • Fixing - furniture etc


Induction and supervision

Induction would include

  • Participatory work with young people
  • Conflict resolution
  • First aid/emergency training
  • Open source session

Supervision methodology