Director job description

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This TOR was sent on 6 march. The full staff structure can be found at Deca staffing

Job Summary

  • Position- Deca Director
  • Program Title- DECA
  • Level of Effort- Full time: with three month probation period
  • Start Date - Immediately
  • Salary - According to Experience
  • Working Hours - 10:00AM-6:00PM
  • Supervisor - ADEF Director
  • Location - Moqattam, Cairo - Egypt

  • The director will be responsible for the management of all the activities of the Digital Expression Community Area, in coordination with community area facilitator & program manager. He/She will be responsible for developing the work-plan for the community area, and monitoring its implementation. The director will also be supervising all expenses of the community area

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Recruitment, management, supervision, and support of DECA Staff
  • Networking with local NGOs, artists, community members
  • Point of call for people interested in space rental at DECA
  • Oversees implementation of activities
  • Financial planning/disbursement (budgeting/spending)
  • Will work closely with Community Area Facilitator(s) and program manager in managing

and developing Deca program

  • Liaison with media team
  • Liaising with the ADEF and DECA board
  • Strategic Planning
  • Responsible for Monitoring & Evaluation, and reporting
  • Problem-solving with staff/parents/community members/youth in coordination with community area facilitator
  • Developing sustainability and fundraising strategies
  • Participate in the development of concept papers, project proposals


  • Relevant academic qualifications, preferably a degree in arts, social science or management
  • five years experience doing similar work tasks
  • Fluent in Arabic and English (Written and Spoken)
  • Excellent communication, organizational, planning, and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in financial planning and budget management
  • Experience working with community, particularly youth
  • Experience in organizing workshops, and event planning
  • Passion for encouraging self-expression
  • Experience in Staff management and supervision experience
  • Experience in Program Development
  • Ability to take initiative, proposes ideas, and add to the already inspiring and dynamic team.
  • Flexibility and ability to work independently, and among teams
  • Ability to work with multi-stakeholders and partners
  • Experience in developing sustainability and fundraising strategies
  • Participation in the development of concept papers and project proposals
  • Familiarity with youth education and development and/or arts and culture/technology for development is a plus
  • Familiarity with Moqattam area and communities-preferred
  • Interest in digital tools-preferred
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and desktop publishing programs-preferred
  • CPR and First Aid Certified-preferred


Please send a CV and brief cover letter outlining your qualifications to:

  • Please indicate "DECA Director “ in the subject bar
  • Deadline: 30, March 2012


  • The Arab Digital Expression Foundation, ADEF
  • ADEF aims, through an on-going process of collaboration between techies, artists, activists, youth leaders, educationalists and others, to unfold as a hub for knowledge production and sharing. ADEF strives to develop and promote collaborative models and processes for the production and sharing of knowledge in a quest to contribute to an evolving Arab identity; one for which knowledge is critical and shared knowledge is essential for decision-making. ADEF believes it is through open culture that freedom of expression and right to knowledge thrives and becomes a force that drives us to explore and discover our endless potential. Through its core team and rich web of affiliates, ADEF creates and documents models of collaboration to design activities and projects that build on technology in order to develop self-expression, knowledge dissemination and production of thought. In its new iterations, ADEF engages with and supports Arab collectives, initiatives and groups to embark on projects that creatively capitalize on digital technology for the production of free and open knowledge and the promotion of artistic expression.
  • Since it started its activities in 2007, ADEF has organized 5 consecutive summer digital expression summer camps. It has trained 170 young Arab professionals aged between 20-40 from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan and Syria in digital arts based on open-source technology and various experiential based training methodologies for the purpose of expression. It has also trained 284 youngsters aged 11 to 16 from across the region, in various forms of digital expression including cinema, sound and music, graphic design, web design, animation, web comics and web 2.0. It has been building a network of committed NGOs working with youth, art and ICT development, along with a wide and diverse network of artists, techies and educators.
  • On Digital Expression Community Area, DECA

DECA (Digital Expression Community Area) or ‘bench’ is an exciting new space opening in Moqattam, Cairo. DECA will serve both local youth communities and a broader Cairo community of artists and techies. Through a rich youth-led participatory programme in an open-access and safe space, DECA seeks to foster confidence, skills and creativity amongst Arab youth using digital tools and self-expression. DECA aims to cultivate a self-sustainable vibrant Arab digital and self-expression community of young active citizens contributing to the digital world and participating in shaping their lives and futures.