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This document compiles sign posts we believe should be created for orientation purposes for Deca's visitors and regular users as well as a few items that should be developed for use of the facilities

For an outline of the different functions of the space see here

Suggested signs

  • three maps of the whole place - indicating all rooms and facilities
  • one in street outside
  • one between Admin and DECA outside walls
  • one between Expression Room & Computer Lab
  • Safety

When there is electrical grid: caution signs Fire extinguisher & maps

  • All doors

Push / Pull

  • In rooms and inside rooms

no smoking signs

  • Street

Big Deca sign x 2 on the 2 different sides of the external wall A map of Deca space - stipulating the different facilities of Deca: community area, self expression room etc Mind your step

  • entrance wall before steps

arrow indicating DECA

  • ramp

announcing Ramp or pic with handicap sign wall on other side of wall: toilets

  • Wall in front of you when you go down the stairs on the column

Toilet sign

  • Going down the stairs

Just before: mind step Indicating Reception - without specifying ADEF or DECA Indicating DECA - as Digital Expression Community Area Indicating Self Expression Room

  • Inside Office Area

DECA Admin ADEF admin Reception / Membership

  • Inside DECA back left door

Editing suite or Cinema sign Internet details: network / passwords

  • On wall just before taking a right

Self Expression Room toilet sign Storage

  • On 3 doors of Expression room

Self Expression room Take out your shoes or a pic illustrating the action of taking out

  • On toilet doors

toilet signs - unisex Maybe some stupid toilet signs

  • Kushk

Self service cafeteria (sorting trash signs (paper/cans/plastic/glass/regular trash

  • Step going up towards the platform

Terrasse or Ahwa or balcony

  • Computer Lab

Computer lab on 3 doors Numbering computers (?) for booking purposes ie Computer 1 / Computer 2 / etc

  • Storage

On storage door

  • Additional Suggestion

lighting on floor or side of stairs so it glows at night lighting around light switches


    1. Membership Cards include photograph and id
  • Sign - Ups for specific workshops at reception desk
  • Emergency Forms with personal/parental details of Deca Community Members each time a new individual takes part in a workshop, and of regular visitors
  • Borrowing/returning systems : keys to spaces / equipment / library materials
  • Schedules staff / rooms
  • Contracts
  • Child Protection System consult with Dalia Soliman

Fees / Workshops

  • Community Area - no fees
  • (Workshops - suggested fees (each person pays what he/she can, without disclosing to others
  • Spaces (sound/editing rooms) - rental fees - only if you operate Final Cut Pro and Protools